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It’s been too long since I wrote, sorry about that. I've mostly been so tired and exhausted due to my current condition - just haven't had enough energy. I'm still in my recovery process: having good days and bad days - feeling full of energy some days but feeling tired and exhausted most of the days. 


I wrote you about my low ferritin levels in March (see the post here). My ferritin level was then 11.

After seeing a doctor I've been taking huge amount of extra iron + vitamin C 200 mg per day (Ferrodan C+).

I had my ferritin level tested second time on the 7th May and it was 29,6. So - the extra iron I'm taking is working. Ferritin is still very low but getting better. I'm still taking taking pills, to get it on a good level. It should be at least over 50.

I can already see some change compared to my most worst condition. My hair has started to grow normally, from which I’m very happy about. I'm not as tired than I was before - slow improvement but all improvement is good. My nails are still so weak and my recovery after training got better but has gone down again. Situation is not yet stable I see.


My doctor sent me to a spiroergometry test. I had it few weeks ago and I what was best news, it showed that I have no health issues - but it also showed that I’m still in the beginning of my recovery process. During the test I faced the wall very quickly. It showed that when my heart rate goes over 99 I'm actually overloading myself. What was quite devastating to hear doctor said it will still take a year to recover! 
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InBody -test was a nice add on to the spiroergometry but also important when looking my total physical condition. It showed that I'm bit overweight (I was aware of that :D) but overweight is due to my larger bone-muscle mass.

My InBody -points were 84/100 (normal area 70-100). The bigger the rate is the bigger is the muscle mass is and the fat mass lowers the points. So also related to that, I'm very happy about the results.

Visceral fat level, which is also very essential health measurement, was also measured. My visceral fat level was 90,4 (recommended value is under 100) - so I have no problems with that.

The test suggests that I lose my fat mass 2,3 kg to be in my ideal condition and those kilos are mostly the struggles I'm having all the time. My weight varies around those two kilos. I feel great when I'm lighter and terrible when carrying them.

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Doctor's orders where:
- no exercise over 99 rate.
- do hiking, biking, walking, frisbee golf etc.
- go at times for a very long, low loading walk (1,5-3 hours).

I have to get my basic condition level good first and only then I can start building more strength.

Two months like this and after that depending on my condition I can put on some more load very carefully (max once a week).


After spiroergometry and InBody -test I've been taking it very easy and really tried to listen to myself and not to burden too much. Everyday errands overloads me also so I have just had to skip the trainings on some days. I also left the diets and thinking about what I eat (remembering still healthy lifestyle) and tried to have relaxed mind also on that matter.

My condition was getting better a while ago mut somehow I feel like it dropped again - I have no idea why...I guess I started to train too much too quick - even though I thought I was taking it easy and not training much. It must have been too much because this drop happened.

For example I did one guided home training (30 min) and I was so sore and totally achy+tired for few days after it - it really is normal. When doing the strength training my heartbeat went to 130! I've noticed my heartbeat gets so easily over 99. For example yesterday, when I was ironing, it was 110!! I really didn't believe it takes so long. 

#relaxedmind #outdoors #happyme #recoveryprocessAnyway - always try to find the positive things in everything :)! My 'positive' in this recovery process is what is happening inside my head: I'm learning slowly to relax my mind and give mercy to myself. I have enjoyed so much being with my family and began to focus on other things than how I look. 

I think this is really good process since there is much more important things in life than how you look. Total wellbeing is the most important and then comes your family and loved ones. Focuses in my head is now transferring to what is right and how it should be. I'm happy about this development. I have also proceed with my eating habits. At times I have been able to forget the diet and thinking how much I eat etc. - been learning listening to my body, what it tells me but keeping in mind to eat mostly healthy.

Anyways, this 'low training' causes also troubles Not consuming so much I’m able to eat so little, otherwise I  too easily gain weight (as I have now). And everyone who knows me knows I love food, good wine and enjoying little treats.

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This process - not being able to live my life as I'd love to is not easy. It is making me feel depressed at times. It isolates me partly from social life, because I just do not have energy to socialize so often - and If I do, I will be recovering from it couple of days afterwards. And I get depressed not be able to train as I would like. I have this bursting passion that I have to put down. At times I'm ok with it, at time I'm not.

Do you have experience of fatigue or over training? Or have you experienced burn down? It would be great to hear your story :).

Right now we have total berry season in Finland. I love fresh berries and what would be the best way to boost your energy and vitamin levels than fresh, healthy berries. Strawberries are at them best right now - they are so sweet and tasty. I think here in Finland you get best tasting strawberries in world!

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This picture is from our cottage. Evening sky when sun made the sky so pretty. This is the best place to relax and calm your mind - addon to forests :).

ps. Would you prefer me writing in English or in Finnish? Thought I know my english is not brilliant :D.


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