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Status of my recovery process

Hi! It’s been too long since I wrote, sorry about that. I've mostly been so tired and exhausted due to my current condition - just haven't had enough energy. I'm still in my recovery process: having good days and bad days - feeling full of energy some days but feeling tired and exhausted most of the days.  FERRITIN I wrote you about my low ferritin levels in March ( see the post here ). My ferritin level was then 11 . After seeing a doctor I've been taking huge amount of extra iron + vitamin C 200 mg per day (Ferrodan C+). I had my ferritin level tested second time on the 7th May and it was 29,6 . So - the extra iron I'm taking is working. Ferritin is still very low but getting better. I'm still taking taking pills, to get it on a good level. It should be at least over 50. I can already see some change compared to my most worst condition. My hair has started to grow normally, from which I’m very happy about. I'm not as tired than I

Welcome to my new blog!

What a beautiful spring winter it's been. It is inspiring and real soul fuel to just go for a walk and enjoy the the sun and the breathtaking views of the nature. Everything looks so beautiful when sun is shining.

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I created this blog to share my life and passions related to health, fitness and well being. I have also an other blog (Pullantuoksuinen koti) which is more like my recipe book thus I have been blogging there also about health, my health projects and healthier lifestyle. Now I wanted a blog to just focus on those areas of life and also topics related to ageing and challenges you face when years start to pile up. My other blog has also plenty of healthy recipes. It is in finnish, but you can easily translate it with google translator if needed.

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With this blog I hope can inspire you, myself and others to find healthier ways of living and caring for yourself. My motto is: do not bee too hard to yourself, don't district yourself too much by sticking into the healthy food, training etc. Healthy lifestyle is what you do daily, what are your most common moves - few glass of wine now and then neither lovely pizza at the restaurant or some sweets at the movie does dot make your healthy lifestyle unhealthy.

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Remember, enjoying life is most important: love taking care of yourself by eating healthy, training, letting yourself rest. And remember to cherish 'metime' and make little moments special with things/treats you love. These moments are mindnuturing - you need to love yourself and show it too. Eating healthy is really caring and loving yourself.

I've been taking better care of myself already for several years but now it seems even more necessary since years are piling up and I feel I need more effort and focus on keeping myself in good shape - both inside and outside.

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Ageing is both spiritual and what is more depressive - physical. I have started to face setbacks in my training, in my wellbeing and in recovering. I am often passionate with things what I do and I have now realised my body is not the same anymore - I have to learn to give it more rest - I can't train anymore as I used to. I also have busy workdays and I'm passionate with my work - so I'm very easily overdoing everything and then losing my energy. I'm now in a process of trying to find my golden way of wellbeing and happiness. Some people may find it easy - I don't :D.

So hopefully we can learn good ways of living and wellbeing together. I'm more than happy if you join me and also share you thoughts, experiences and ideas with me.

Wishing you a beautiful and happy day 💖!

ps. you can follow me on Instagram @fitagewellness too If you like.


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