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Status of my recovery process

Hi! It’s been too long since I wrote, sorry about that. I've mostly been so tired and exhausted due to my current condition - just haven't had enough energy. I'm still in my recovery process: having good days and bad days - feeling full of energy some days but feeling tired and exhausted most of the days.  FERRITIN I wrote you about my low ferritin levels in March ( see the post here ). My ferritin level was then 11 . After seeing a doctor I've been taking huge amount of extra iron + vitamin C 200 mg per day (Ferrodan C+). I had my ferritin level tested second time on the 7th May and it was 29,6 . So - the extra iron I'm taking is working. Ferritin is still very low but getting better. I'm still taking taking pills, to get it on a good level. It should be at least over 50. I can already see some change compared to my most worst condition. My hair has started to grow normally, from which I’m very happy about. I'm not as tired than I

Low ferritin level and my struggles

Are you familiar with ferritin, what it is and what are the symptoms if you happen to have low ferritin levels? I read about ferritin last year and was surprised.


Ferritin is your storage iron and low ferritin levels can cause many problems, which are hard to figure out if your ferritin level is not tested. You may just think you are lazy or in bad physical condition and because of that you are very tired. Or if you are training  you may think you don't do it right, maybe you eating is unhealthy or other habits bad and that's why you are not feeling energetic. But the reason might be: you just have empty iron storage.

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Doctors don't usually test ferritin - only hb is tested in normal blood tests. Hemoglobin might be normal and if ferritin is not tested, the test might indicate your situations wrongly.


If you google about low ferritin many pages say, that some people may begin to have symptoms if the level is under 50. And it's said that you iron storage is considered empty, if your level is 30. Common symptoms written many places on internet are
  • unexplained fatigue
  • dizziness
  • chronic headaches
  • unexplained weakness
  • ringing in your ears
  • irritability
  • leg pains and restless legs
  • aching joints
  • shortness of breath
  • hairloss
  • weak nails
  • dry skin
  • memory-loss
  • may cause depression


If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen my stories about tiredness, fatigue etc. and also my test results related to ferritin levels. I had my ferritin level tested first time in 10/2018. Then it was 9.9. Which is really low. Now it was 11. Since last test I've taken extra iron (TerraNova). My hb had risen but my ferritin only that little.

Bad recovery

I have struggled I guess over a year now with various strange symptoms. As you may know, I love training and challenging myself physically, and I'd love to train daily. I started to suffer low recovery off sports, strange changes on my training pulse, restless feet etc. I thought I had just trained too much I had to cut it down a bit. Some days were good, some weren't. I did yoga and tried to balance myself the best way I knew.

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Last spring I had a burnout which was analyzed work related and depression what usually comes with that too. I had some time off work and doctor denied training. My body needed rest - in all ways. Even training can be stressing if your work is demanding. I read books and enjoyed the beautiful, exceptionally warm May. That was really good and enlightening time. Sometimes is just perfect to just stop and relax.

After summer and my normal summer holidays I felt I had totally recovered. It was great to get back to work and feel being normal myself again. And continue my normal training habits.


In autumn, I tried not to stress and love myself as I am, accept my body and not to stress about eating and watching my body so much. I became unhappy. I felt not me. I felt not good inside, in my body. And I was tired all the time. I was loosing hair and my nails became very weak.

Near Christmas clothes started to feel too tight and that was depressing. I had trained regularly but not watching my eatings so much. I had eaten mostly healthy, but too much I suppose.

Energy boost

After lovely xmas holidaytime and rest I built up my strength I got the power to make a change. I couldn't stand my situation anymore. Before Christmas I had already found great workouts on YouTube and thought that was very pleasant and easy way to train: at home, whenever you feel like it and have time and what was surprising, those workouts were very effective. Wintertime in Finland is at times like that, that outdoor exercising is not that tempting so it's great to have other options.

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I joined Sydneys Squad on Facebook and followed the daily training program. I felt great and that the program suited me well. I was so excited!


After few weeks my arm started to be sore and I was forced to stop training that way. I achieved only part of my goal and that was disappointing. I felt frustrated and depressed. It was hard to focus only walking and running again, since I had fallen so in love with this other exercise mode.

I also started to have low mood and fatigue again. It started to bother my work too. I lost my energy already in the afternoon which was not normal at all. I asked my doctor for an other ferritin test and it turned out again positive with the low ferritin level. This time I was sent to a doctor that is specialized on athletes and know a lot about fatigue, low ferritin etc.

Doctor's orders

Now I am 'resting' for two weeks. Only allowed to go walking, do some light gym workout etc. Advised to take things easy, not working too much (listen to myself), and take extra load of iron: 200 mg per day (C+B12+ cellsalt). And no dieting.

Follow up

After two week I will have a call with him and we'll figure out what next. Has this rest time and extra iron helped anyway etc. He also was determined to figure out, what causes the problem. But it seems my whole last year was just so tough - too much to me and my body couldn't compensate any more. I had faced the wall.

I'll keep you posted about my progress :). And If you began to wonder might the low ferritin be the reason for you problems I warmly suggest you to take the test.

Wishing you a lovely Sunny spring 💗

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