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Status of my recovery process

Hi! It’s been too long since I wrote, sorry about that. I've mostly been so tired and exhausted due to my current condition - just haven't had enough energy. I'm still in my recovery process: having good days and bad days - feeling full of energy some days but feeling tired and exhausted most of the days.  FERRITIN I wrote you about my low ferritin levels in March ( see the post here ). My ferritin level was then 11 . After seeing a doctor I've been taking huge amount of extra iron + vitamin C 200 mg per day (Ferrodan C+). I had my ferritin level tested second time on the 7th May and it was 29,6 . So - the extra iron I'm taking is working. Ferritin is still very low but getting better. I'm still taking taking pills, to get it on a good level. It should be at least over 50. I can already see some change compared to my most worst condition. My hair has started to grow normally, from which I’m very happy about. I'm not as tired than I

Healthy Veggie-Tofu Wok

I love all kind of 'mixes' or ''wok-kinda' foods. They are easy, superfast and healthy. I often use frozen wok veggie mixes and then add some fresh veggies to go with it. For protein I choose what ever we happen to have. Usually chicken or fish. I have also found thin, small slices of beef really delicious and easy option. So you can vary this recipe with multiple options - choose the protein you prefer. This time, I chose Tofu - and I loved it. I find the texture in tofu somehow tempting - it just has it own, special character.

For healthy carbs you can add quinoa or some other good option - but you can also leave the extra carbs out. If so, pay more attention to seasoning that it won't end up too salty for example.

Easy ways to spice up your mix is to add some liquid fond, soya sauce, sesame oil and garlic oil. At times I also use oyster sauce. Ready seasoned frozen veggie mixes (Findus) are great and I have used one of those in this recipe too. Last but not the least - my obsession - I add almost always Sriracha.

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Healthy Veggie-Tofu Wok

2 portions
250 g Tofu Sweet Ginger Garlic (SoFine)
2 tsp sesame oil
200 g frozen Findus Wok Bangkok veggie mix
200 g fresh zuccini
100 g fresh spinach
1 tbl vegetable fond
1 tsp soya sauce
1 tsp honey
+ 160 g of cooked dark rice-quinoa-multi grain mix (Risella)

1. For preparing tofu follow the instructions in the package. Fry it with the sesame oli.

2. Prepare fresh veggies and add then to a wok pan with the frozen ones. Add little amount of water to cook the veggies. Season with vegetable fond, soya sauce and honey.

3. Add the ricemix and mix properly.

4. Devide on two portions and top with tofu.
Add sriracha to spice up if you like :).

(370 kcal/portion, carbs 41g, protein 22g, fats 12g)
(Without ricemix about 270 kcal, carbs 20, protein 19, fats 11g )


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