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Healthier Strawberry-lime Cheesecake

This cake is a healthier version of cheese cake - for example it does not have refined sugar. It is sweetened with stevia and honey. (You'll find this recipe in finnish here)
It was delicious and whole our family including my parents liked the cake even though it wasn't filled with fat and sugar - and what makes eating it even more pleasurable - you will not have sugar peaks after it nor knocking bad conscience.

It has 12 portions and one portion makes about  250 kcal, 24 g carbs, 9,6 g protein and 13 g fat.
Strawberry-lime Cheesecake 12 portion
Base: 120 g oat flakes 80 g oat flour 50 g extra virgin coconut oil 20 g honey 20 g stevia 1 egg
Filling: 200 g vanilla fresh cheese 500 g fatless quark 350 g turkish yoghurt 10% 25 g honey 20 g stevia (Stevia Sweet Crystal) 1 mm vanilla
15g coconut flakes 260 g strawberry pure (from fresh or frozen strawberries)
12 kpl gelatin leaves (Dr. Oetker) 40 ml lime juice 60 ml water
1. Mix the base ingredients well together. Press the dough ont…

Delicious Protein Pancakes

How about delicious protein pancakes? This recipe makes one big pancake or few smaller. They are tasty and keeps your hunger away well. You can lower calories by changing the honey to stevia and use less toppings: for example half amount of pear and leave the yogurt out.

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Protein Pancake
two pancakes
one: 322 kcal, 36,2 carbs, 20g protein, 10,5g fat

100 g banana
20 g oats
2 g grained wheat
2 eggs (116g)
20 g honey
0,5 tsp baking powder
1 g vanilla extract
0,5g rose salt

5 g coconut oil

200 g fatless quark
50 g creek yogurt (6% fat)
100 g pear

1. Mix ingredients with a stick blender.
2. Heat the pan and melt the coconut oil.
3. Pour the batter on the pan and fry the cake in middle heat.
4. When ready place in on a plate and top with sweetened quark, yogurt and pear and season with cinnamon.
 - Enjoy 😍-

ps. you can find this recipe also on Yazio -app with name 'Proteiinipannukakku'


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