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Status of my recovery process

Hi! It’s been too long since I wrote, sorry about that. I've mostly been so tired and exhausted due to my current condition - just haven't had enough energy. I'm still in my recovery process: having good days and bad days - feeling full of energy some days but feeling tired and exhausted most of the days.  FERRITIN I wrote you about my low ferritin levels in March ( see the post here ). My ferritin level was then 11 . After seeing a doctor I've been taking huge amount of extra iron + vitamin C 200 mg per day (Ferrodan C+). I had my ferritin level tested second time on the 7th May and it was 29,6 . So - the extra iron I'm taking is working. Ferritin is still very low but getting better. I'm still taking taking pills, to get it on a good level. It should be at least over 50. I can already see some change compared to my most worst condition. My hair has started to grow normally, from which I’m very happy about. I'm not as tired than I

Delicious Protein Pancakes

How about delicious protein pancakes? This recipe makes one big pancake or few smaller. They are tasty and keeps your hunger away well. You can lower calories by changing the honey to stevia and use less toppings: for example half amount of pear and leave the yogurt out.

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Protein Pancake
two pancakes
one: 322 kcal, 36,2 carbs, 20g protein, 10,5g fat

100 g banana
20 g oats
2 g grained wheat
2 eggs (116g)
20 g honey
0,5 tsp baking powder
1 g vanilla extract
0,5g rose salt

5 g coconut oil

200 g fatless quark
50 g creek yogurt (6% fat)
100 g pear

1. Mix ingredients with a stick blender.
2. Heat the pan and melt the coconut oil.
3. Pour the batter on the pan and fry the cake in middle heat.
4. When ready place in on a plate and top with sweetened quark, yogurt and pear and season with cinnamon.
 - Enjoy 😍-

ps. you can find this recipe also on Yazio -app with name 'Proteiinipannukakku'


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